post by : nadja.osterwal

Glamping is a luxurious form of camping where people stay in comfortable facilities close to nature. It is to say that Glamping is way more than just a fully equipped tent that is ready to use; it covers all kinds of exciting ways to stay the night(s), such as pods, cabins, bungalows, tipis and igloos for example. More and more campgrounds in Switzerland offer such infrastructure since it’s often more profitable than traditional forms of camping. Furthermore, it’s a great way of getting more people onto campgrounds that usually wouldn’t consider sleeping in an uncomfortable tent such as seniors for example.

The trend is on the rise not least due to the unstable political/security situation in many countries. Touring Club Switzerland (TCS), the biggest campground operator in Switzerland, had great success with their Glamping strategy in 2016 and is investing more in the current year to tie up to their prosperity.

Campgrounds should consider offering Glamping facilities such as pods or tubes since it’s a possible way of increasing the number of overnight stays during the shoulder season when it’s too cold for traditional camping. An interesting application could be to install them on mountains or along popular hiking/biking routes so that people could spontaneously stay the night without having to carry camping equipment around with them during their activity.