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Segway, the new way

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General information:

The Segway PT (personal transporter) is an eco-friendly self-balancing, electric vehicle, that you steer solely by your weight and with the intuitive handle. The first prototype was created in January 2002 in the USA, and the first sale to the public was made in November 2002 on “”, but came to Europe only recently. There exist several versions of the Segway: the I2 SE is the most standard one, it goes indoors and outdoors, and the x2 SE goes outdoors and off-road. There are many accessories that could be added to both versions, such as cases, torches, and camouflage. The Segway can be used for personal purposes, for tours, events, promotion, and law enforcement and security. You can find Segways almost all over the world, and they are in perpetual amelioration.


Negative points:

The main competitor for Segway is the new “Oxboard” product, which is taking over the market, especially in the cities, because of its small size, its efficiency, and its convenience. The duration of the battery of the Segway does not allow us to use it for a whole day. For personal uses, a Segway driver card is required, and costs 29 sFr. The legal age of driving the green vehicle is 16 years old. In Switzerland, it is prohibited to drive a Segway on the road. And it is not affordable for everyone.


Application to tourism:

The Segway is already used by a lot of resorts and theme parks. Not only they use it for their own purposes, but also they rent it to their customers in order to commute inside their properties. The usage of Segways for city tours is becoming more and more popular. It allows tourists to visit a city in a funnier and relaxing way. Regarding the ski resorts, they can make profit with the Segway also in summer, by offering off-road discovery tracks. By doing so, they may increase the visit during the summer season, and develop the loyalty of their customers. The market of personal transporters is incessantly growing and has a bright future for the tourism industry.