Escape Room

post by : jessica.rebelovi

Inspired by “escape the room video games”, this concept first started in Japan around 2007. It was called REG; real escape game. After a quick growth, Europe and North America joined the buzz by creating their own themes and locations. To this day, there are more than 2,800 escape room’s venues worldwide. The hype has been so big that investors say: “Where locking up your customers can lead to 800% revenue growth in one year”. They are trying to keep their costs low in order to favor an organic growth and possible small rooms to make sure tickets sell. 

​The game is simple; a group of 10 or more is locked in a room for 60 minutes and has to find clues in order to escape. It attracts mainly groups of friends but also families and it can even serve as team building exercises for businesses. Filled with various hidden objects, messages and codes, it’s a real teamwork to solve all the mysteries in order to collect a key and finish the game. Themes are mostly inspired from books or movies, and then becomes a theater production. “These stories have the power to make the real world a better place, by creating a game, an ordinary desk can suddenly become the hiding place of secret treasure. I think that sort of thing is fun.” The power of imagination.

Switzerland joined the fun with diverse escape rooms all over the country. They are mainly used for companies in order to develop teamwork skills. Started in 2013, it is still very new as the main rooms where only located in Zurich or Bern. Today, the most famous escape room is in Geneva and, what used to lead people to the near France to enjoy the experience, has now allowed us to live it in our own country. And what if there was an escape game pass that allowed you to visit more than one of these rooms ?


Escape room, an innovative way to attract people

post by : axelle.varone

Since 2014, a new trend emerged: the escape room. The concept is to manage to escape a room by solving enigmas. In general, people have 60 minutes to evade the room. In the last 2 years, lot of businesses proposing this activity have opened. Each room is decorated to a specific theme, to emphasise a strong atmosphere looking like a cave or even prison.


At the end of 2015, a business opened in Yverdon. Only 6 months later, the results are really positive: the visitation increased between 30% and 35% each month.


People do like this kind of activity because of the entertainment it brings as well as the challenge and the team work. This trend not only convinced privates but also business companies to do their annual outing. What is more, in order to keep the authenticity and the trial of the game, the solution and code changes every time. Therefore, it is interesting for everybody, even to come again and retry the experience


In the Valais, we already have escape rooms in Charrat, Loc (near to Sierre), Bagnes and Vernayaz. A new one is operating from few weeks in Sion. Its challenge is to promote the winemakers in Sion by keeping the same concept but focusing on the wine history of the city. It’s a good way to reach people from another generation and make them discover the culture interactively.


To conclude, this expanding idea, that already convinced a wide range of people, is on the good way to grow more. But how long is it going to last? Is it just a trend that people want to experience now and won’t remain in the time?