Montreux Riviera

post by : Nicole Reber

In the annual report, it was shown that the accommodation in the Montreux Riviera was of a total of 4’320 beds for 59 hotels. There are 5 hotels of a 5* standard, 11 hotels of a 4* standard and 19 hotels of a 3* standard. Also, we saw that they had other types of accommodation like youth hostels & group accommodations (3), holiday apartments & chalets (67) and B&B’s (21). In 2016, there were 717’793 overnights compared to 2015 where there were 672’593 overnights, which shows a 45’200 difference. We calculated the occupancy rate of Montreux Riviera and got to a result of 46% which is a little less than the average.

The destination’s mission is “to encourage the development and promotion of tourism in the region”. They also have subtasks that are part of their mission which are:

  • « Être c’est être perçu! Pour exister il faut etre vu, bien vu. » -> This is a sort of message they have to follow which basically means that “Being is being seen! To be able to exist you have to be seen, but in a positive way”
  • Welcome and inform their hosts
  • Perform promotion and sales actions on the markets
  • Create targeted publicities, advertisements and assist organisations during the setting up of various events.
    • The overall aim of all these previously listed criteria is to benefit companies from the region who work with tourism

Let’s talk about their sources of revenue. The main part of it comes from the members’ support. They pay the tourist office some contributions whether they are individuals or companies. These amounts range from CHF 100.- to CHF 400.- depending on if you are a shop, an individual or a non-profit association or if you are a company/business. Furthermore, they earn money from city taxes guests pay for their accommodation and receive commune subventions.

Montreux Riviera has quite a well-structured organization. They have six tourist offices in the region for 36 employees. In their organigram, they have four main sections which are:

  • Information & reservation / Marketing & Communication / Convention Bureau / Administration, Finances & HR

It seems like everyone has a specific domain to take care of and that the organization is working well. When we took contact with them for some information requirements, we straight away got an answer and from the right person also.

For the highlights and USP we thought about taking the most important attractions in Montreux, starting with the Golden Pass Line, the panorama train that operates between Montreux, Gstaad and the Bernese Oberland with connections to Lucerne. It’s a journey that tourists like making that way you discover the Swiss landscape in a beautiful train. Next, we took the famous Chillon castle settled in Territet on a rocky island, which is known nearly worldwide. Another major event happening in Montreux is the Jazz Festival in summer with huge artists coming each year. They have another incredible event in winter, the Christmas market, one of the most popular in Switzerland. Finally, we chose to talk about the Comedy Festival which brings each year comics from France, Germany etc. and which has a lot of success.

We then started looking at examples of staging and thought of the Swiss chocolate train journey and the Cheese train one. Both are lovely to do, you discover the country while tasting and enjoying typical Swiss products. Also, we chose the steam boat in the “Belle Epoque” style which has a vintage side to it and which makes you see the country from the lake’s point of view.

The innovation side of Montreux Riviera showed us a few examples like:

  • Stay one more night for CHF 1.-!
  • Bring a friend and get 50% off on your stay.
  • Come back in a year and stay for free!

These are designed to attract people and show them that even if Switzerland is an expensive country they want tourists to come back and for that to happen, inventing these deals is a great way of making them want to come visit again.




post by : Roulet Marc

Infographic explaining the winter and summer offers of Leukerbad, along with facts and figures about the town and its surrondings. We try to provide ideas so as to improve the existing offer and reduce the number of cold beds, especially in summer, although Leukerbad is doing fairly well when compared to other alpine destinations in Valais.


Verbier infographic

post by : Maffli Lisianne

This infographic shows some facts and figures about Verbier.

It illustrates the share on hotellerie, parahotellerie and packaged accomodation during the winter and summer season. It also shows the challenges that it is facing and the different events and activities it offers during the year. In this infographic we propose some solutions to the challenges and some ideas to promote the different sectors such as cable cars, hotels, and restaurants. And we also propose some more recommondations to promote the destination overall.