Steepest funicular in The World

post by : myriam.reymond

After 5 years of construction, the new funicular going from Schlatti to Stoos was inaugurated on the 17th of December 2017. It is the steepest funicular of the World. Replacing the old town funicular, students use it to go home and tourists use it to get to the mountain to enjoy summer and winter activities. The funicular goes from 562 meters to 1306 in 4 minutes. It has a capacity of 136 person and 34 per cabin. As the slope goes up to 110%, the cylindrical cabins allow a rotation that keeps people horizontal. Concerning the costs, it was supposed to be 43 M but ended up being 52 M. The prices are 22.- CHF per adult and 11.- CHF per child but you can use your Swiss Travel Pass. This is an innovative idea that is good for tourism due to its location and could be applied elsewhere.