Sober Sensation

post by : carmen.rothenbu

Sober sensation is a new partying concept founded by Gideon Bellin, in Berlin. The main idea is to offer a non-alcoholic and drug free party, starting and ending early. This concept is taking the afterwork party to the next level, which allows people to party during the week with low consequences for the day after. Vegertarian and vegan meals can be purchased prior to the party and healthy beverages like smoothies and juices are available to the guests during the whole evening.


This idea came to the mind of the CEO 9 years ago, after experiencing a Ramadan party, without any alcohol available and really appreciated the atmosphere. He recently decided to put the concept into place, after noticing a rapid growth of the health and sustainable trend. In the near future, Sober Sensation is going to expand to Europe and eventually to other continents. They plan on developing their own beverages, fashion brand and music label, as well as collaborating with charity organisations.


The event will take place in Switzerland this summer for the first time. In our opinion, the party will be a great success and promote the growth of a new emerging tourism trend, which is an alternative to “traditional” party tourism. A recent study revealed a considerable decrease in alcohol consumption for people above 15 years old in Switzerland (Retrieved from Moreover, the scarcity of this kind of events makes people willing to travel greater distance. In addition, the health trend has never been as popular as today and will help Sober Sensation to be successful.