Handicap and travel

post by : Caroline Blanc

This TIA blog post is based on the article “Handicap et Voyage” by “Observatoire Valaisan du Tourisme”. According to the World Health Organization, there are one billion people with reduced mobility. That represents a big part of the world population and therefore the tourism sector has to take it into account. There are norms that are defined for places to be suitable for wheelchairs such as access, rooms or bathrooms. Switzerland is definitely one of the most accessible country to welcome people with reduced mobility. For example, you can call for assistance to go up or down the trains and buses. Activities are also proposed in Verbier where they offer special equipment to go skiing. All over the world, the most accessible places are the cities. For instance, Seattle has developed a map where you can find all the most easily accessible routes through the city. There are travel agencies and online travel guides specialized for disabled people.