Travel without children, a growing market

post by : carmen.rothenbu

Nowadays, more and more people are seeking for a peaceful holiday. It does not only concern couples but also groups of friends, elderly and younger people. We could think that these people dislike children but this is not the case; most of them are parents or grand-parents and just need a break. Therefore, this market has become very popular mainly in Europe. Hotels, restaurants, airlines and cruises started to instore an age limit for their customers. The main cause of this trend is the aging population.

Up to now, there are over 700 Adults-Only hotels, the majority in Europe. Each of these establishment has its own age limit. As instance, the Iberostar Hotel chain set the age limit to 14 to some of their hotels. In Valais, the hotel Royal de Riederalp is the only hotel in Switzerland that forbids children under 12 years old. Other tourism companies follow this trend. Malaysia Airlines bans children under 2 years old from the first class.

Is this trend really ethical? The opinions are divided. Obviously, if you spent a large amount on an airline ticket, you expect not being disturbed by a crying baby. On the other hand, children have the same rights than adults. This is why this trend got a lot of media attention around the discriminatory aspect of the situation. In order to avoid negative publicity, certain establishments do not officially forbid children but they do it in an implicit way. For example, restaurants stop offering Kids Menus, baby chairs or drawing pens.