iBeacon - the device which could change your World

post by : Brehonnet Marine

Still partially known in Europe, it became rapidly popular in the Anglophone countries (USA, United Kingdom and Australia). There was already some of them on the market under Android exploitation system but two years ago, one of the biggest worldwide known company launched silently his own new technological product, targeted mostly in business, tourism and hospitality sector. Apple created in autumn 2013, the iBeacon under IOS exploitation system. As simple as his name, this new device is low-cost and revolutionary. Indeed, it is an information transmitter based on a micro localization. It works, mostly inside, on a short distance, in the contrary of a GPS system which works more effectively outside on long distance.

How does it work ? At first, companies using the iBeacon have to place it strategically, as the beacon is static, it has to be fixed preferably in a passing place. Secondly, customers have to download an app and activate their Bluetooth connexion. As the iBeacon permanently sends a signal, when the customer is passing close to the information transmitter, the connexion between both devices will immediately pop up useful information, advices or promotions on the phone through the app. For instance, you are browsing around in the shopping mall and get close to the Macy’s iBeacon, you will, in a second, receive their current sales, opening schedule, information about their new collection and even more.


In conclusion, the iBeacon has an enormous potential in many industries but mostly in tourism. It is economic, ecologic and has a nice sober design.

In our opinion, it is possible to push even more the concept by using the beacon in transportation and hospitality depending on the customer segment. Nowadays, tourists or visitors are also travelling a lot by car, we thought of developing the innovation in parking. An app could be designed to mix parking information and guidebook. Indeed, the parking part could locate your car and give you the closest parking lot, with the availability and prices. As soon as you are parked, the app would register your car GPS coordinates. After your city tour, wherever you are, the app gives you the way back to your parking space. The other useful tool of this app would be a guidebook which according to your location provides sightseeing, restaurants, museums and more.

ABI Research[1] foresees between now and 2019 that the United States will have around sixty millions iBeacon device on their territory.



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[1] ABI Research is a technology market intelligence company with a 25 years’ experience in advising and informing businesses on technology and market investment. https://www.abiresearch.com/pages/about-abi-research/