post by : Vincis Alessia

What is it?

The Geocaching is a treasure hunt game played outdoor where the people have to look for treasures only having some clues and GPS-coordinates. When you get to the location it is in most cases an unusual and wonderful place. Moreover the cache contains a log book where you can write your name or anything you want as a proof that you found the cache. In certain cache you will discover object that you can take but if you take one you have to leave another object.


The registration is free of charge plus it is highly entertaining and family friendly. It allows you to discover beautiful places all around the world whenever you want and can autonomously. Furthermore anyone can hide and seek a cache 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Some problems that could happen and spoil your adventure would be a missing cache or a full log book. Additionally it could be hard to find because the GPS-coordinates are not precise enough. If you want to consult fully the map on your mobile phone you have to be premium member.

Application to tourism

The treasure hunt is a great activity which enables you to discover cities, countries, landscapes, even your home town… Although you are in a foreign country without any internet, Geocaching provides a simple solution which is to buy a GPS directly on their website which is a bit expensive (109$ - 500$). This GPS would work everywhere and be more precise than you mobile phone.

In Switzerland this could be a great tool to promote a city or region in making a huge treasure hunt where people could find and win prices or discover Switzerland through topics with postcards, maps, explanation, and address of a helper that could inform you about where you are.