Nendaz Poster Infographic

post by : Teixeira Araujo Anabela

This Poster infographic presents Nendaz showing the general information about this ski resort.

Such as the height, the number of inhabitant, beds and restaurant.


It also gives information about the activities tourits can do in Nendaz the whole year.


And the challenges that Nendaz could improve to attract new targets, be more sustainable and make more profit.


Val d'Anniviers

post by : Bréhonnet Marine

This Infography presents you the region of the Val d'Anniviers with the main stations and its target markets. Some graphics are following this rough presentation, those are showing how popular are each destinations and during which period of the year, according to Google trends,then, you will find the different types of accomodation. 

The second part illustrates the differente activities available in Summer and Winter and the main events. The later is developed, in order to show how it could be adapted and evolve according to the season needs. 

Finally, we pointed out the three main challenges.