Eco-Lodges in Switzerland

post by : jie.liu

As the conflicts between mass tourism and environmentalism have gone severe than ever, some stakeholders in tourism industry have realized the importance of Ecotourism. Taking example of the hospitality industry, many luxury chains and boutique properties have taken advantage of the ecological concept and tried to bottle it and market it to the guests.

However, back to the 70s, some Swiss lodges have already been following the ecological concept of hospitality, which means controlling the use of energy and water, recycling the waste, purchasing local and regional ingredients, as well as employing staff living nearby to minimize motorized transport and maximize the common good in the community.

Perhaps the biggest problem, for both hoteliers and travelers, is the definition of eco-lodges, that is to say, how green and ecological shall an eco-lodge reach? There is not yet a standardized answer to it. With a growing conscious for the environmental issues among travelers, the most important criteria for an eco-lodge maybe whether it can teach even concerned travelers a thing or two to live better under the consideration of our planet once the vacation ends.