post by : Sabrina Campisi

With the emergence of internet and the social medias these last years, destinations and tourism has never been so accessible. The trend of today, find the best spot to shoot “the” best picture.


As soon as the picture gets viral, thousands of people start to flock to the destination, invading places and depleting the inhabitant’s resources. More than destroying our world heritage, people seek to behave with no respect towards natural sites.


To get views and likes on their pictures posted on social medias, people are going farer and farer, putting themselves in dangerous positions. To be differentiated, people forget their ethical values and pass through rules and traditions, forgetting that even if they are on holiday and far from their own countries, not everything is permitted.


Taking a picture is so easy nowadays, that it is not enough anymore. Tourists and “Instagrammers” put themselves in some competition, challenging to do better by posting picture.


Not only dangerous for the environment and the tourist themselves, it annoys the inhabitant with noises, big queues in shops and restaurant, overcrowded places and congestion.


But there are some solutions to reduce bad behaviors. Municipalities could make some campaigns to aware and inform people, which maybe didn’t get the rules because of the language or culture differences. Also, a call to other tourists to stop other ones being disrespectful.