Whats the matter horn?

post by : alain.custovic

Trends in tourism have a tendency to lead to a degraded experience in the long run. There is a point where too much crowd is just not bearable anymore. But how can one convince a tourist to skip what is supposedly a destinations "mascot"?

"The Outbound Collective" are a young passionate team who created a platform on which one can share a destination, an experience or even promote their own tourism ideas and offers. Their goal is to inspire discovery and exploration in a responsible and eco-freindly manner. Their platform gives many details and aims to increase sustainability awareness while also giving many diverse alternatives to the local bucket-list experiences.

The platform started at least two years ago in the US and has since developped its database universaly, though the range of offers can be quite narrow in some regions like switzerland. They could become a very usefull partner to diverse swiss destinations wishing to put their authenticity in the spotlight.