"SwissPass - the key to your mobility"

post by : Chappuis Ludivine


What is the SwissPass?

We all remember the old support for our public transports membership card. But since the 1st of August 2015, they have been replaced by the red SwissPass. It works with a microchip, as the ski passes do for example. The ticket inspectors check our travelcard with an electronic scanner. This one enables to verify the validity and the duration of the type of subscription we choose. Another essential thing about this new product is that it is valid many years.


What are the advantages?

As we mentioned above, this card is valid several years. Therefore, it is automatically renewed every year, unless we cancel the travelcard. Cancelation notice has to be sent two months in advance. This applies already to mobile phone contracts. In comparison with the old system, we don’t get a new card every time, this is very eco-friendly! Furthermore, every SwissPass owner profits from an online account in order to stay updated about the new offers and stay informed of their memberships validity.


Access to partner services

The access to partner services is the main advantage and innovation of this new product. They are currently integrated to the SwissPass, such as Mobility Carsharing, PubliBike, SwissMobile and even the ski passes, more various activities will be added in the near future. Concerning the Mobility Carsharing, “we only pay for a car when we really need it.” The pro of PubliBike is to hire a bike from any place and bring it back to any station (ride from A to B) and finally, SwissMobile provides us with routes for walking, cycling, mountain biking, skating and canoeing. Thanks to this, we can easily plan our leisure activity and save maps on our mobile device. Once it will be possible to buy our ski passes in advance and put them on the SwissPass, we won’t have to queue in front of the cashier at the ski resort.


Application to tourism

The SwissPass is mostly for Swiss inhabitants. Travelling by public transports becomes easier, because you can have all in one card and for that reason, it may influence the mobility of people and could encourage them to travel around in Switzerland. By the way, the main slogan from SBB CFF FFS is “SwissPass - the key to your mobility”. With this new scanning system, it allows the SBB CFF FFS to estimate the number of passengers as well as their journeys. This leads to more efficient research in statistics and to target the top destinations. Once they are known, the goal is to attract people in other places, so that mobility could extend almost in every region, which would have a direct impact on tourism growth engendered by Swiss people.