How to renew the Mountain Offer?

post by : nicole.reber

We all know for a fact that the climate change is a main concern nowadays. Unfortunately, the whole world suffers from it but the mountain regions are mainly touched by this phenomenon. If there is no snow, it is difficult to attract tourists because this is the main attraction in Switzerland. Therefore, people working in that domain need to innovate and find new ideas that could appeal to tourists.


Firstly, there are activities like the trail running that can be practiced as much in winter than in summer. In the Valais region, competitions and races like the “Verbier St-Bernard” or the “Ultra-Trail” of the Mont-Blanc exist.

Secondly, cycling is a very important activity in our region thanks to the perfect scenery for practicing it. It is therefore a product that is put forward in Valais. Furthermore, thanks to the equipment we have for the bicycles, it is also feasible to practice this sport in winter.

Thirdly, a very old and known activity is being developed and modernized; hiking. It is being changed by creating “wellness hiking” or “afghan hiking”. The first one is a very nice barefoot walk which is composed of fourteen “stops” that make you discover shiatsu relaxing techniques. You can auto-massage your body by putting pressure on some precise energy spots. The second hiking type is a method that lets you combine your respiratory rhythm and your pace.


To conclude, these activities are slowly becoming more and more important for the ski stations because snow is becoming less and less frequent. Developing basic activities, we all know into new experiences and products is a ver good opportunity for ski resorts.