Airbnb's impact on the Swiss Tourism industry

post by : ines.gotti

Airbnb is an internet platform founded in 2008 in California which allows people to book unique accommodations all over the world in order to live new experiences. You can also rent your own accommodation whether it’s a castle, a treehouse, a boat or a simple apartment. Airbnb is connecting people living in 34’000 different cities and 191 countries, which explains why it’s become one of the main actors in the tourism industry. So far, they have 60 million clients on their platform.

We have compared the impact of Airbnb on the Swiss tourism industry and more precisely on the Valais region in terms of numbers. According to a study, we found that Airbnb in the Valais represents 25.5 % of Airbnb’s total market share. In comparison, the Swiss hotel industry represents 11.5% of its total market share. We can see that Airbnb’s impact on the Valais region is quite important because it nearly represents 50% of the total number of beds in the hotel industry in the Valais.

In order to respond to Airbnb’s offer, several tourism offices in tourism like; "Sierre Tourisme", "Fribourg Tourisme", "Jura Tourisme" and the "Municipality of Porrentruy", have put themselves together to create a partnership leading to a modern and interactive website. SNUKR allows people to choose between, for example, several routes, activities and destinations. People can also propose their own routes and therefore share their personal experiences and give advices to other travellers. All of that is easily accessible through the app which anyone can download in a few clicks.

In the next five years, Airbnb is supposed to reach 500 million overnights.