D-Vine by 10-vins

post by : Kolloni Dorentina

D-Vine is a new French concept which focuses on having wine by the glass at home. D-Vine is a wine machine which is inspired by the Nespresso also known as "the Nespresso of the wine". It enables to savor French vintage wine from one's house. As it offers 26 samples of 10cl, which allows everyone drink their favorite one without opening several different bottles. Its unique system was especially designed to propose an optimal temperature and oxygenation of the wine served within a minute. A small catalog is provided which includes advices on the wines and replaces the wine waiter.  

D-Vine has a number of advantages which consists on offering a high diversity of wines as well as the experience of wine waiter for half the price one would pay. Additionally, there is no need of opening a bottle and finish it as one would do normally. With D-Vine, everyone gets what they want in one glass so there is no waste of wine. As it works with flasks, it does not consume much time before getting the glass ready to drink. Moreover, it combines a sophisticated design with a simple use. However, by having an automatic rinse after each usage, it is not that ecologically friendly. Another drawback regarding the machine is its pretty high price for a household. Furthermore, it supplies only French wines.

D-Vine is already present in the UK and Belgium. Not only it could be spread to other countries and continents but also widen their choices of wine's origins. D-Vine could make use of the extension to the tourism industry by opening stores and bars. Companies' workshops could also represent a perfect target-market.