post by : Boye Jenny

What it is:

GVARCHI is an application on the phone. Thanks to this app you can visit the city of Geneva in another way, seeing the architectural part of the city. It enables you to see the changes in the city over the time and see the future projects. There are 8 possible paths.

Those are the sites that are shown in the app.

How to use it:

You can download the app from your phone. You can select the sites that you want to see. When you arrive in front of the building, the app tells you the history and shows you the plans of the future project or how it was before the project was realised.

Target Market :

The App is more used by persons interested by architecture and civil engineering. The app was created by architects and civil engineers to show what they have done.


- Light design

- Interactive maps with dfferent paths proposed

- Each project and work in progress has a description, photos, plans and technical information

- Possibility tp save your favourite projects

- Research by architects and type of buildings


- Without internet, the multimedia content and maps don't load

How to apply in tourism :

Could be applied to bigger cities, with more historical buildings, instead of any building that could reach other target markets and more people.

For example, in London we could see Westminster, The Shard and other historical buildings. In Berlin, the Wall and how it used to look, the Brandenburger Tor, Alexanderplatz Fernsehturm. New York and its Statue of Liberty, Flat Iron. Rio de Janeiro Christ of the Redeemer.