Does a happy destination bring you happiness? Evidence from Swiss inbound tourism

post by : fanny.montavon

Does a happy destination bring you happiness? Evidence from Swiss inbound tourism

This article shows how certain destinations generate happiness, thus improve the overall life-satisfaction of their visitors. The study, which takes swiss destinations as evidence, is based on the destination image as well as the quality of the services it provides and the impacts these two factors have on customers happiness (life satisfaction) and on their emotions (positive and negative affects) while at the destination. It concludes with a few interesting managerial recommendations for destination managers.

Happiness is a topic that has been widely discussed over the years and which has a lot to do with tourism, as the latter is considered to be one of the fields that generates most satisfaction in life. The article states that the destination choice is an important factor in creating satisfaction, as not every destination will fully meet the traveller’s expectations. Another factor that need to be considered is the range of activities provided at the chosen destination. For example, activities such as scuba diving or mountain climbing have been decreed as happiness-boosters, for they push people to their limits and most of the time result in positive experiences.

The article points out the facts that services of good quality are essential, this explains why swiss destinations, whose quality is emphasised, are so appreciated. Also, the destination is, for the tourist, a temporary home where he wants to feel good. Once a significant level of satisfaction is reached by the tourist, he is more likely to increase his spending. Moreover, It has been proven that tourists spend more money in happier countries.

Even though the study revealed almost only positive results, the authors mentioned the fact that the level of happiness fluctuates over the different stages of the travel (fatigue, travel issues). On the other hand, it has been found out that people are somehow reluctant to link their travel experiences with negative emotions. In other words, once on holiday, tourists always try to see the bright side of what is not going as expected. Isn’t it already proof that tourism makes people happy?