Innovative lifestyle hotels

post by : arnaud.kolly1

Nowadays, hotel industry is constantly changing in order to adapt to costumers’ new needs, including connectivity, sharing and design. These are some examples of a lifestyle hotel of tomorrow, according to two hotel groups.


The first of these groups is Marriott. In 2016, they have renovated their Marriott Charlotte City Center and called it the M Beta. They have invested 16 million $ to renew the design of their rooms and add technological tools. For example, the TVs can easily be connected to the guest’s Netflix or Hulu account, and the room service can be ordered from a tablet. They also have equipped the hotel with 19 “like” buttons spread in different parts of the hotel, so that guests can press it when they are satisfied of the service or the facility related. Finally, they have created some “Stay Well” rooms, in order to keep guests healthy and relaxed. These rooms include aromatherapy machines, chlorine-neutralizing shower heads, lights that adjust to the sun's natural movements, and allergen-free bedding.


Another group, Aparthotel Adagio, has launched a project called “Stories” in Paris-Bercy. The goal of this project is to create an interaction between guests and residents, creating a sort of community. New installations and animations have been specially created and experimented by the community. These included a kitchen to share, a grocery, cooking and sport lessons, table football tournament, wine tasting, dinner at the resident’s place, bike rides, Segway, and an app to learn to know better the city. In the end, the most successful services and activities will be deployed to the entire network.


To summarize, hotel industry has to constantly adapt to new trends and Generation Y’s needs and wants, in order to stay competitive and successful.