Wedding Tourism

post by : eleonore.fouchaul


Swiss Tourism is trying to present Switzerland as a perfect wedding destination. A platform has been developed online early in the year (on to attract potential lovers. They have grouped a list of hotels, wedding planners, and atypical or heavenly places where they have the possibility to celebrate this once-in-a-life event. According to an interview on CNN of Jessica Cindy (a designer based in Singapore), Switzerland is highly valued for wedding tourism thanks to its safety, ease of travel, winter weddings, and landscapes. Mostly for Asian people, celebrating a marriage under the snow is a fairy tale.

However, getting married in Switzerland is very expensive. That’s also one of the reasons why Swiss people themselves also enjoy getting married abroad. The wedding planning agency “Nuptia Wedding & Event Planner” has already organized numerous marriages on the Island of Mauritius, and states that it is one of Swiss people’s favorite wedding destination when they want to have a beach scenery and not spend too much money. They also enjoy leaving to close European countries such as France, Italy or Spain, for different reasons; they may have some properties near the shore, some family there or are just looking for an unusual landscape not too far from their home.

Even though wedding tourism is quickly developing in Switzerland, there is still a long way to go to become one of the most prized wedding destinations. Some juridical factors also influence on wedding tourism. Since its legalization in some countries, same-sex marriages are being celebrated in various countries around the world, having a huge impact on the economy of these places.  According to the Journal of Economics and Finance, in the United States, the “federal income tax revenue would increase by up to $1.3 billion following same-sex marriage legalization.”[1]. Legalizing SSM in Switzerland would then probably have a big social and economic impact on the wedding industry in Switzerland.