Culinary experience in Switzerland

post by : andreafa.labrada

Nowadays, it is has become really important to be aware of Swiss tourists’ interests. The University of St. Gallen made a study in 2012 “Travel Market Switzerland” to learn what are the main expectations and needs of people when they go on holiday. From the Swiss tourists’ perspective traveling inbound or outbound the main motives are to relax, disconnect from daily life, and to rest. Furthermore, it is crucial for them to spend time with their loved ones.


Swiss Tourism launched the largest survey to come up with some observations about tourists’ behavior regarding the importance of food during their travels. The choice of the destination depends on the priority they put on the different activities. People preferring large cities as destination are interested in shopping and cultural activities, whereas rural tourists put more importance into culinary experiences because they are immersed in a natural and authentic context.


It is important to remember that Switzerland is not perceived as a foodie destination compared to France and Italy. Therefore, the culinary offer is not the main pull factor. Although the exception is the particular customer segment of Lifestyle Traveler, defined as High Spenders by Swiss Tourism. Indeed, this specific segment is looking for an exclusive experience in a luxury accommodation and to enjoy delicious meals in high-standing restaurants. Generally, the culinary traditions are still in the top 5 of the favorite non-sportive activities of tourists in Switzerland. Of course, the first one still remains the mountain and cable car experience.

To conclude, an idea would be to highlight more the Swiss culinary traditions in order to attract more tourists in all seasons in the Valais region. Certainly, Switzerland has the positional, and unique dishes to offer.