Drones to promote leisure activities

post by : Boye Jenny

What is a drone and how does it work ?

A drone is a small aircraft without pilot. It has four helix which make it fly and that stabilize the whole machine. This device permits users to be followed by a camera without a second person. The drone can be programmed in advance to make special movements and is connected via bluetooth with the mobile phone of the person to be followed. Fifteen positions can be saved. When the drone loses its connection, it flies back to the starting point by itself.

Application :

At first it was only used for military purposes. The main use was spying enemies and taking pictures of their position. This device has saved lives of soldiers. Nowadays we can find it in a lot of countries at an affordable price. The new application is to make videos of ourselves while doing sports. It is also used to have a more global view of the surrounding landscape.

Example :

This new technology is going to be used in Verbier for ski cross riders. They will have the possiblity to rent drones before going on the snow park of Verbier. This will only costs from ten Swiss Francs for a movie of fifteen minutes. It will be a great opportunity  for the riders because the price is not so high. Thanks to these drones, they will have professional pictures or movies of their incredible jumps. Maybe in a few month we will see ski riders being followed by those flying machines during competitions .

Application in Tourism :

We thought that the drone following somebody could also be used by tourists when they visit a new country. They would be able to have souvenirs without having to look through a camera. For example, this alternative of taking pictures or videos could also be offered for mountain tours. It would offer tourists an amazing souvenirs of themselves in the middle of the scenery. The tourist offices would have access to a lot of marvellous pictures to catch even more the public’s attention. This could facilitate advertisement and make it appear more secure for unexperienced walkers.