What future has Switzerland as a holiday destination?

post by : miriam.fux

In the 1970s, the discussion was dominated by the statement that tourism is taking the risk of destroying its capital, namely its intact nature. A sensitization took place, for a careful handling of the resource landscape. 

According to a representative survey, an intact nature and a beautiful landscape are the most important pull factors for tourists to visit Switzerland. It also showed that hotel overnight stays have increased in recent years, especially in structurally weak peripheral regions, which have a wide variety of landscapes. 

The aim is to sensitize tourism promoters and visitors. To reach this aim, long-term projects with sustainable content are promoted to provide various offers to tourists.

The division of work in our society with its highly specialized working environment arises tourism additional opportunities. As a result, tourism has the opportunity to make a contribution to experience something we miss in our everyday life, for instance to maintain a dry stone wall.

The environment and tourism will benefit if the diversity and beauty of the landscape can be preserved.