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The VagaBrothers

Marko and Alex are two brothers from San Diego and award-winning travel videographers, photographers and writers. Their aim is to explore the planet by connecting with other young people and inspiring viewers to do the same. Together, they created in 2014 the VagaBrothers Youtube channel where they upload travel videos.


Social medias

The VagaBrothers are active on lots of social medias such as: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and they have their own website as well.

On their website but also on their Youtube channel, they have sorted their videos in an interesting way. You have the possibility to browse destination by region, urban exploration, outdoor adventure, culture and festivals, food & drink, travel tips and there’s also a special group for translated videos.

On the website you can find a section called “series”, which plays all the videos of a certain subject. What’s more interesting is that they do not simply have videos but they also write small articles, which you can find under the section “writing”.



Their videos talk about regions or cities but they also give some informative and useful tips for travelling. Some videos are: “Why travel?”, “How to pack?”, “Saving money”, “Eco-travel” or “How to survive long flights”.


Advantages & Disadvantages


o   Fun

o   Interesting

o   Socially active

o   Useful tips for travelling

o   This is not an app or a guide and the approach is different in a good way and unusual.



o   They give their personal opinion and views for the tips, some of them may not be applicable in all cases

o   May not be suited for every kind of traveller

o   Watch the videos before going on a trip


If you click here, you can watch a little video they have made


Youtube channel