Wi-fi in public transports

post by : Harris Stefanie

Planes & Buses:

Today, inflight wi-fi is something that exists and it is supplied by many airlines, 9 of which offer it for free. There are 2 ways to connect from inside the aircraft: cellular towers on the ground and satellite. At the moment, the quality of the service is not fast enough to allow streaming but some companies are aiming to make partnerships with streaming companies. For example, Virgin America with Netflix and Jetblue with Amazon Prime. Regarding busses, the demand is increasing. The quality of service could be much better because they move slowly and are mostly in downtown areas.



Switzerland has the advantage of being a small country. This comes in handy in terms of quality because there are not many places lacking cellular connection. Some trains are being built at the moment, which will include a wi-fi connection (Twindexx, built by Bombardier Transports). The major SBB train stations in cities are already equipped with wi-fi. Most postal busses are also equipped. Swiss (airline) does not offer inflight wi-fi at the moment.


Advantages VS disadvantages:

For tourists, wi-fi is a cheaper alternative to roaming. In many places where the cellular network (4G) isn’t good enough, if wi-fi is available it is a much better option. If wi-fi gets installed in all public places, it gives us promising perspectives for the future of communication. However, for now the reliability of connection in aircrafts is quite poor. Some improvements need to be made on a technical side. Also, the prices for inflight wi-fi need to become more affordable.