post by : Sabrina Campisi

With the emergence of internet and the social medias these last years, destinations and tourism has never been so accessible. The trend of today, find the best spot to shoot “the” best picture.


As soon as the picture gets viral, thousands of people start to flock to the destination, invading places and depleting the inhabitant’s resources. More than destroying our world heritage, people seek to behave with no respect towards natural sites.


To get views and likes on their pictures posted on social medias, people are going farer and farer, putting themselves in dangerous positions. To be differentiated, people forget their ethical values and pass through rules and traditions, forgetting that even if they are on holiday and far from their own countries, not everything is permitted.


Taking a picture is so easy nowadays, that it is not enough anymore. Tourists and “Instagrammers” put themselves in some competition, challenging to do better by posting picture.


Not only dangerous for the environment and the tourist themselves, it annoys the inhabitant with noises, big queues in shops and restaurant, overcrowded places and congestion.


But there are some solutions to reduce bad behaviors. Municipalities could make some campaigns to aware and inform people, which maybe didn’t get the rules because of the language or culture differences. Also, a call to other tourists to stop other ones being disrespectful.


Handicap and travel

post by : Caroline Blanc

This TIA blog post is based on the article “Handicap et Voyage” by “Observatoire Valaisan du Tourisme”. According to the World Health Organization, there are one billion people with reduced mobility. That represents a big part of the world population and therefore the tourism sector has to take it into account. There are norms that are defined for places to be suitable for wheelchairs such as access, rooms or bathrooms. Switzerland is definitely one of the most accessible country to welcome people with reduced mobility. For example, you can call for assistance to go up or down the trains and buses. Activities are also proposed in Verbier where they offer special equipment to go skiing. All over the world, the most accessible places are the cities. For instance, Seattle has developed a map where you can find all the most easily accessible routes through the city. There are travel agencies and online travel guides specialized for disabled people.



post by : oriane.gachet


"Glamping is a portmanteau of glamorous and camping and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with "traditional" camping.”



Unique Hotels

post by : zayane.cherbuin

Nowadays, the hotel industry has to be innovative in order to fight the growing market share of platforms such as AirBnB. This is one of the reasons why in the last few years, we have seen many unique come to life. Pop-up hotels are one type of them, but they are not the only one.

“In 2016, we saw a growing trend in clients seeking hyper-personalized experiences,” said Tom Marchant, co-founder of parent company Black Tomato.

According to an article in Retail Touch Points, pop-ups are all about creating “exclusivity and sense of urgency.” In other ways, a pop-up is, in part, defined by its temporary existence. Given that definition, ice hotels may have been the pioneers of pop-up luxury hospitality. But today, there are now companies dedicated to focusing on transient luxury hotel spaces.

Here are a few examples of unique hotels, some of them are pop-up but not all.



Steepest funicular in The World

post by : myriam.reymond

After 5 years of construction, the new funicular going from Schlatti to Stoos was inaugurated on the 17th of December 2017. It is the steepest funicular of the World. Replacing the old town funicular, students use it to go home and tourists use it to get to the mountain to enjoy summer and winter activities. The funicular goes from 562 meters to 1306 in 4 minutes. It has a capacity of 136 person and 34 per cabin. As the slope goes up to 110%, the cylindrical cabins allow a rotation that keeps people horizontal. Concerning the costs, it was supposed to be 43 M but ended up being 52 M. The prices are 22.- CHF per adult and 11.- CHF per child but you can use your Swiss Travel Pass. This is an innovative idea that is good for tourism due to its location and could be applied elsewhere. 


Hyperloop One

post by : aurelie.stampfli

At the first sight, it looks like the train of the future and is the dream of a lot of human-beings. Let us present you Hyperloop One, the first of its kind high-speed train that can reach the speed of light, which means a speed of 1080 km per hour. This futuristic train is able to do so with a system of magnetic levitation, already used by some trains in Japan. Other performances of Hyperloop are that, it is able to operate silently and its users won’t feel any turbulences while travelling. To add that the system is designed to be entirely autonomous, direct-to-destination (no stop from a destination to another) and on-demand.

The first draft of that revolutionary train saw the light of day in Los Angeles in 2013. The main goal of the project is to transform the whole industry of transportation as we know it today and furthermore, to compete with the air and rail transportation by moving people more rapidly to their destination and at a less costly price.

Hyperloop One is slowly but surely developing passenger and cargo system routes in other countries such as United States, Canada, Finland, Sweden, etc. The objective of the company is to deliver a full-service and operational system by 2021.


Sober Sensation

post by : carmen.rothenbu

Sober sensation is a new partying concept founded by Gideon Bellin, in Berlin. The main idea is to offer a non-alcoholic and drug free party, starting and ending early. This concept is taking the afterwork party to the next level, which allows people to party during the week with low consequences for the day after. Vegertarian and vegan meals can be purchased prior to the party and healthy beverages like smoothies and juices are available to the guests during the whole evening.


This idea came to the mind of the CEO 9 years ago, after experiencing a Ramadan party, without any alcohol available and really appreciated the atmosphere. He recently decided to put the concept into place, after noticing a rapid growth of the health and sustainable trend. In the near future, Sober Sensation is going to expand to Europe and eventually to other continents. They plan on developing their own beverages, fashion brand and music label, as well as collaborating with charity organisations.


The event will take place in Switzerland this summer for the first time. In our opinion, the party will be a great success and promote the growth of a new emerging tourism trend, which is an alternative to “traditional” party tourism. A recent study revealed a considerable decrease in alcohol consumption for people above 15 years old in Switzerland (Retrieved from www.suchtschweiz.ch). Moreover, the scarcity of this kind of events makes people willing to travel greater distance. In addition, the health trend has never been as popular as today and will help Sober Sensation to be successful.


Flight to nowhere

post by : nadja.osterwal

What to do if you do not have money, or time, or the health to travel anymore? People these days are used to travel frequently, and since there are some limitations between them and travelling they start to get frustrated and disappointed.

However, a Japanese company called First Airlines has found the perfect solution. They provide a luxury first or business class travelling experience without even leaving the ground. With the help of modern technologies and Virtual Reality you will enjoy a comfortable flight, a sophisticated 4 course dinner and a panoramic walk in New York, Paris or another scenic destination for a price of 57 CHF for a business and only a little more for the First Class.

Although, virtual reality offers have already started to penetrate the Swiss market, the offer here is not developed enough yet and does not provide a full travelling experience such as the one offered by First Airlines in Japan.


Whats the matter horn?

post by : alain.custovic

Trends in tourism have a tendency to lead to a degraded experience in the long run. There is a point where too much crowd is just not bearable anymore. But how can one convince a tourist to skip what is supposedly a destinations "mascot"?

"The Outbound Collective" are a young passionate team who created a platform on which one can share a destination, an experience or even promote their own tourism ideas and offers. Their goal is to inspire discovery and exploration in a responsible and eco-freindly manner. Their platform gives many details and aims to increase sustainability awareness while also giving many diverse alternatives to the local bucket-list experiences.

The platform started at least two years ago in the US and has since developped its database universaly, though the range of offers can be quite narrow in some regions like switzerland. They could become a very usefull partner to diverse swiss destinations wishing to put their authenticity in the spotlight.