Social's media influence on generation Y

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24% of all people in Europe are millennials or also called generation Y. This generation grew up with the internet and they feel like they always have to be connected. For millennials it is significant to communicate their opinion online as well as informing themselves on the internet. Sharing is caring, summarises the relationship between the millennials and social media quite well. Therefore, reviews on sites like TripAdvisor or pictures seen on Instagram have a vast importance for them, which shows how vital social media is for today’s Tourism offices.

Sometimes people have difficulties finding their own identity, for that reason they tend to look up what others are doing and then take them as their role models. In contrast to that idea, the generation Y still wants to be unique. Which is why companies try to personalise products and seduce them by responding to their specific expectations. In addition, fun has become a fundamental part of life. Organisations already include this feeling in their advertisements.

What to consider while posting on social media is that the quality is more important than the quantity. Another input is that Instagram and Snapchat should be used more, since they have massive user bases, especially youngsters. People are getting lazier; therefore, it is highly important to use video content.

Related to tourism, social media can be used not only to attract new customers but also to remind previous visitors of the place and get them to come back.




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