How Technology in Tourism is Taking Travel to the Next Level


How Technology in Tourism is Taking Travel to the Next Level Technology is an important aspect of our everyday routine. Indeed, we are almost inseparable from our mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, it is time to include this useful tool in tourism and travel experience. Undeniably, according to Trend Hunter, there are many different ways to involve technology in order to enhance the travel experience from the point of booking to the actual vacation. For instance, the Mondrian Hotel in New York provide to all of its 720 rooms an IPad so clients can use it to order food, plan their stay and organize the transportation. Moreover, technology can also be used to engage tourists. In Florida, tourists can use tools such as Tamaggo 360-Imager to capture their travel experiences and share with other people. The relation and the constant interaction between travellers, businesses and local population is really an important aspect and this exchange can be assured through the use of technological devices. It allows travellers to have a control not only on the moment but also for planning their next travel steps according to their desires. Therefore, it’s important that those technological tools must be focus on personal expectations and must be unique to each traveller in order to enhance the travel experience at its best quality. Concerning Switzerland, we have for example an application called Snukr, that allows the visitor to choose between different activities or places. Accordingly, the app proposes you a wide range of itineraries. It’s a two way tool because you can either select an itinerary or propose your own for other visitors to enjoy. It already a good start but we could maybe extend the idea for example to connect people that are in a precise region with local people in order to promote local businesses. In any case, there’s no doubt that technology is a huge helping source for the tourism industry and that there are plenty of thing to do with it to improve the travellers’ travel experiences.


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