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Today, it is hard to be successful as an ordinal hotel. Being innovative is the key for today's ever-changing market and we found several hotels which show how it is done.


The new brand from AccorHotels set its priority on the interaction. Focusing on travellers, locals and Millennials, they offer an “Open House”, taking away the rigidity of the hotel atmosphere with the concept of sharing and the open living space. Offering three different accommodation types, the JO&JOE’s have the “Together” shared and adjustable rooms, the “Yours” are for two to five people and have a bathroom and sometimes a kitchen and the “OOO”, standing for Out of the Ordinary, are extraordinary accommodations like hammocks, yurts, and caravans.

The Charlotte Marriott City Center

After an extensive renovation, the 19-story hotel has been updated and three separate food and drink venues were added on the ground floor. “We wanted to bring back that essence from a long time ago, when humans were cooking over an open fire,” Chef Chris Coleman said. “We wanted to bring people together in our kitchen.” The restaurant focuses on high-quality ingredients sourced from local farms and purveyors, the stoke bar will have 34 taps with various offers and the coffee shop and retail shop called Coco will serve local pastries and grab-and-go items. The space has been designed to foster collaboration with free Wi-Fi, three meeting rooms, stadium seating and private mezzanine level to support further interaction.

In summary, it can be said that the hotelier business has to adapt to the trends by being authentic, bringing together people, showing the culture and the local food.




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Ziegler, Sripati Christina - 702_e (2017); Zouaoui, Malika - 702_e (2017)


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