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Lausanne- 2015 Report

We choose Lausanne because it is a city between Neuchâtel, Fribourg and Sion, so in the middle of our origin city. We thought that it could be interesting to have more information about it. It counts 136,000 inhabitants which corresponds to 1.61% of the total Swiss population and is the 4th biggest city of the country.

This city is located in the canton of Vaud in the West part of Switzerland. It is well-known and liked from many Swiss people as well as foreigners, as it achieved a satisfaction rate of 89%. The number of visitors increased on the social media platforms since last year (+32% on Facebook, +49% on Twitter and +23% on their website)

With 1.1 million overnight stays, Lausanne has 43.7% of the market share in Switzerland. This means that the accommodation sector is doing well and therefore generates high revenues for the tourism industry.

In addition to this, Lausanne has a great potential for cultural activities. Indeed, it is ranked at the third position as a congress destination in Switzerland and 93rd worldwide. The city has 2 congress centres, 24 museums, including the Olympic museum which is its USP, and 3 theatres.

Some innovative ideas in order to add value to the city could be to implement activities by the lake such as a 24h-swim,to create an area to unwind near the lake, a street parade or even a Lake Festival.






Burgat, Megane - 702_e (2017); Moret, Lucie - 702_e (2017); Varone, Axelle - 702_e (2017)


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