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Since 2006, the city breaks (escapades urbaines) are in constant progression in Europe. They became popular with the cheap flights within the continent all year round. Those less than three days holidays are popular amongst couples and small groups of friends.

“Pop in the city” is French concept to visit cities differently and get in touch with locals. You are paired up with a teammate and during one day you follow your roadmap leading you to the different types of challenges: cultural, art, sport, extreme and solidarity. You also receive a city map elaborated and tested by the “pop in the city” team.

This new concept creates a new way to city break and widens the targeted people because these events are for women only and you can take part in them alone, you do not need to travel with your friends or family. It meets most of the characteristics of city breaks such as: urban environment, meeting locals, multi-cultural experience and special events to cite only a few. 

Regarding Swiss tourism, local tourism agencies could contact the event organisers and bring “pop in the city” in their town, like Lausanne, Bern, Zürich, Basel and many more cities that are not interested in promoting the place as a mass tourism destination but as a city break destination. 




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Barradas Dias, Ana - 701e (2017)


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