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Innovation, sustainable tourism and environments in mountain destination development: a comparative analysis of Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland


The article talks about different factors that can influence the development of a mountain destination such as the different environments (economic, technological, natural and socio-cultural) and the innovation level.


Mountains destinations are very susceptible to the negative impacts that humans cause and need to be protected through sustainable development to preserve their way of life and tourism play a key role in the conservation of mountain destinations.


To successfully carry out and measure the concept of sustainable development in mountain destinations, a variety of indicators should be used for the assessment of a destination’s development.


A comparison between 3 mountain destinations (Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia)

This research can show that the destinations in Switzerland and in Austria outperform in almost every point the destination in Slovenia however the Slovenian destinations have a great potential for development. Even though, Switzerland and Austria cannot be differentiated in terms of the most successful tourism development, they have still few differences between them such as environmental sustainability and transportation which are a bit more convenient in Switzerland.









Wenger, Robin - 701e (2018)


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