The Grand Tour and Spotify

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The Grand Tour, 1600km long, go through whole Switzerland and runs along or meets 22 lakes, crosses over 5 alpine passes and allows you to discover 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Grand Tour will soon celebrate its 5th anniversary and MySwitzerland has set up an original project last August to offer a Spotify playlist for each section. A competition on 16 national radio stations was set up to choose the different songs of the 11 playlists. This contest helped raising awareness of the Grand Tour’s existence. They were therefore looking for a way to make this tour more popular in Switzerland for the Swiss citizen. This route is known in neighbouring countries because it is the only official road trip in the Alps.

We will compare the association of MySwitzerland and The Grand Tour with the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation (NOTMC) that made a playlist on Spotify called “Side A”. Both playlists were created based on people’s listening habits. However, NOTMC’s playlist only has regional songs. MySwitzerland created the playlist in order to make the Grand Tour known by Swiss people meanwhile NOTMC created it to present their city through its rich music and to bring forward local artists. In addition, NOTMC were the 1st ones to turn a Spotify playlist into a live concert and later, a full-length film.

The Grand Tour webpage should highlight the fact that these playlists exist. They could launch an advertising video to promote the Spotify playlists. Another possible improvement could be to add more traditional Swiss songs or international songs performed by Swiss talents. The idea of a QR code on the Grand Tour signs could also increase the attraction of younger people. Finally, electric cars with charging electric station, or carpooling would certainly be a big improvement in terms of sustainability. One idea could be to create an online platform to help single people find teammates.

Highlighting the existence of these playlists could motivate people to get to know more about the Grand Tour and maybe take part in it. It would also give the Swiss citizen an opportunity to learn more about the local music, and therefore these artists would gain more importance. MySwitzerland should take advantage of this project to get this beautiful Tour known and try to attract all generations.





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Clément, Lauriane - 701_e (2019); Clerc, Jeanne - 701_e (2019); Roulin, Célia - 701_e (2019)


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